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Links for Assignment -1

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  3. Link for “US bottled water sales could surpass soda by 2017” discussion:
  4. Link for  Verizon Program connecting millions of old cars:
  5. Link for NASA Crash Test:                                    
  6. Link for executive summary for social networking articles:

Executive Summaries of all Social networking links

  1. US bottled water sales could surpass soda by 2017:                                                           This article shows the growing demand of clean water than the soda which shows the health awareness of the people. This also shows that the authorities who provide water may not provide the best purified water which makes people to opt for expensive (when compared to water provided at houses) bottled water.Another thing which goes against this article is the production of plastic which is hazardous for the nature. May it be soda bottles or water bottles, both contribute towards the plastic bottle production which contributes towards high plastic production.

    Overall, the bottled water consumption is good keeping in mind the health of the people but at the same time it is hazardous for the nature.

  2. Verizon Program connecting millions of old cars:

    This new venture by Verizon is a good thing as old cars also get access to such high end technology. At the press of a button you have all the required information of your car and also it can automatically call a nearby mechanic when the need arises. This device can the best device for an old car. On the flip side you have a potential danger of the device being hacked and also your location may be obtained if hacked.

    Overall, its human safety which is important and this device would be recommended by me to be installed in all cars which also comes at a economical price which is not a burden on the pocket. Also, the makers of this device would have made the device in such a way that it cant be hacked so easily.

  3. NASA Crash Test:Crash test involves actual testing of the Cessna plane for retrieving vital data which are very vital for NASA and to their future projects. This involves crashing of numerous planes, lot of jet fuel and other sensors which gets destroyed in each crash test. But keeping in mind the human safety which is of optimum importance, crash test is required even though it destroys so much resources. Overall, this crash test reveals huge volume of data necessary for successful project of NASA which is always helpful for mankind.

Sustainable Green Focus Assignment

We are one of the chief producer of cotton textiles here in this country. While I was thinking about how the waste of the textile industries are dumped, it made me more concerned towards the way we are polluting the mother nature and in particular the marine life. To yield more cotton for industry, farmers use chemical fertilizers thereby polluting the fresh water. The dyes used in our textiles are toxic in nature. Although we treat these wastes in our treatment plants and let it into the water sources, the toxins still remain in the water source and contaminate the water source. When this joins the ocean the entire marine life is getting polluted. Instead we can use dyes extracted from plants and try to find a new fabric in our R&D facility which has similar properties of cotton.

I will share some videos of marine life of our bulletin board. Look at those innocent creatures which can inspire us to reduce the water pollution.

Paul Ranky 06 PA ElGalleon Philippines Clip6a

Paul Ranky 06 PB ElGalleon Philippines Clip2a

Paul Ranky 01 PA ElGalleon Philippines Clip5a

Paul Ranky 06 PA ElGalleon Philippines Clip1a

Paul Ranky 06 PB ElGalleon Philippines Clip1a

Paul Ranky 01 PB ElGalleon Philippines Clip5a

Assignment 1 : TQM

  1. What is quality?                                                                                                                           Quality can be defined in a number of ways. Quality can be defined as a product adhering to the specifications that is set by the customer as per their requirement. To put it in simple words, Quality from a consumer’s perspective is meeting or exceeding the customer requirement and providing the customer with a superior value.                         It is a constantly changing criteria and changes with respect to products and customers as per the requirement. Also this quality is a criteria which is applied to across all products or services.                                                                                                           As per the book “Quality Management for Organizational Excellence by David.L.Goetsch and Stanely.B.Davis”, Quality is a dynamic state associated with product, services, people, processes and environment that meets customer’s needs and expectations and help to produce superior.                                                                                           Quality means fitness for use or fitness for purpose (quoted in class).
  1. What is Total Quality Management (TQM)?

Total Quality Management is an approach by a company to improve the quality of its products and services continuously by utilizing all the available resources in an economical way. It is an ever improving process which urges the organization to find new ways to achieve better products or services. The importance here lies on how the company uses its entire arsenal to produce a product with a continuous improvement in quality of their products economically which also increases the customer satisfaction.

As per the book “Quality Management for Organizational Excellence by David.L.Goetsch and Stanely.B.Davis”, Total Quality is an approach to doing business that attempts to maximize an organization’s competitiveness through the continual improvement of the quality of its products, services, people, processes and environments.

Total Quality Management is an approach to business involvement led by the theme of quality. It involves the continual satisfaction of customer requirement at the lowest cost by harnessing the efforts of everybody in the company (as quoted in class).

TQM method

  1. How can we achieve organizational excellence with quality?

TQM is an approach by a company to improve the quality of its products and services continuously by utilizing all the available resources in an economical way.

If the company is incorporating the process of TQM then the company has to improve the processes involved in obtaining the final product or service provided by the company. This makes the company to find new ways to improve the quality of their product which enhances the customer satisfaction and also improved ways to achieve the required quality. This means that the company utilizes their resources to the maximum extent. The employees are trained better to get the maximum from them, facilities at the company is improved and also the processes involved are the best industrial practices. All these contribute towards a better organization or in other words organizational excellence with quality.

  1. What is the Deming cycle?                                                                                                Deming is considered by many as the founder of the quality movement. He worked for Western Electric where he witnessed massive amount of waste which disturbed him and made him work on quality.The Deming cycle is based on the development of a product in an industry. It has five steps which has to be followed to attain high quality. They are:   a. Plan: This is the most important step of the cycle. The entire cycle is based on planning of the product. In order to get the maximum customer satisfaction, a thorough research or survey on consumers in necessary. This survey makes sure the product developed is as per the requirement of the consumers. Then use this data to plan for the product bearing in mind the requirements of the consumers which is available in the form of a research or survey.                                                                                                  b. Do: After planning comes the execution part. The product should be produced as planned.                                                                                                                     c. Check: Once the product is produced there should be a thorough investigation or checking of the product to ensure it is produced as per the plan.                                  d. Act/ Market: Once the product is checked and if it adheres to the conditions as planned then market the product. Since, the product is based on the consumer survey, it captures the consumer market. Hence, marketing of the produced product is a vital step in this cycle.                                                                                                                          e. Analyze: Once the product is marketed, it is time to check the reaction of the potential consumers in the market in all aspects of the product like cost, design, durability, quality of the products and other aspects of the product.

Deming Cycle

  1. What are the most common errors when starting quality initiatives?                                        There are several common errors when starting quality initiatives. Some of the most commonly found errors are:                                                                                               a. A company simply can’t choose which of the quality principles is to be followed. The company should do a proper study of which principle suits their company and then go for a particular quality principle.                                                                                           b. The top management company simply cannot pass an order to follow the quality principle instead there has to be a proper planning that has to me made to induct the quality methodology.                                                                                                       c. The company should invest on skill building of the employees to achieve a high quality rather than training them for a short span of time.                                                             d. A company simply cannot achieve high quality by having a team for quality check but should ensure it is headed by a proper personnel. Proper leadership is very important in order to achieve high quality.
  1. Explain the cost of poor quality.

Consider a company which is spending a lot of money on rework of the products and scraps, which is caused due to poor quality of the products. Also due to poor quality there will be more wear and tear of the tools used for manufacturing of the product which causes additional cost for the company. The workforce instead of producing more products needs to spend time on reworking of the products. These are all the costs of a products which are of inferior quality. This is called cost of poor quality. If steps are taken to eliminate those errors then these costs can be saved.

  1. What are the quality characteristics of world class organizations?

As per the American Management Association (AMA) which conducted a global

survey to identify the characteristic of world class organizations. Some of those characteristics are directly linked to quality. Some of those attributes are customer service, quality control and assurance, innovation, team based approach, partnerships and alliances, and re engineering processes.

Customer have the best feedback when the product quality is the best, quality control and assurance has a direct effect on the quality of the product, innovation of new methods to produce products of higher quality is always beneficial to the company. Team based approach is always important to achieve good quality as you generally have a team for quality management and this quality management cannot be done by a one or two people and working as a team becomes all more important. Choosing the right partners or alliances is important as all the partners running the organization should be of same thinking and aim at producing high quality goods. Re engineering is done with an aim to eliminate any flaw in the working system of a company which again contributes towards high quality output.

So, the above stated attributes as stated by AMA are the characteristics followed by World Class organizations to either sustain a high quality output or improve the quality of their products or services.

  1. Responsibility and total quality.

Often in life we come across many situations where the blame is passed on from one person to another and no one is willing to take up the responsibility. But such a behavior is not acceptable in a total quality environment. In total quality environment each individual is responsible for their action and accountable for their performance.

This attribute helps to build ethics, trust and integrity which are vital for team building and team work and also forms the basis for total quality environment.

To put it straight a company should be ethically, economically and legally responsible while devising a strategy for the company.

Also International Organization for Standardization inducted the quality principles into ISO 9000 series and in 1996 ISO further included ISO14000 series which basically governs the standards for effective management systems showcasing the close relation between quality and responsibility.

  1. Discuss some models for ethical quality decisions.

The three best suited models for manager’s to take an ethical approach for decision making are:                                                                                                                        a. Best Ratio Approach: This method is basically based on the belief that people are basically good and behave ethically under normal circumstances. If at all any unethical decision is made by people, it will be under tough conditions which drives them towards the unethical behavior. So, managers should with all efforts should create an environment which promotes ethical behavior and have a best possible ratio of good choices to bad choices. When taking a hard decision is inevitable, manager should make a decision which will do most good for most people. This is also called situational ethics.

b.Black and White Approach: This is a straight forward approach where right is right and wrong is wrong, irrelevant of the conditions. The managers should make ethical decisions and execute them regardless of the conditions. This makes people abide by the ethical behavior. When a hard decision is to be made by the manager, it is to be done in fair and ethical way regardless of the outcome and also not for the short term benefit. This decision should also be impartial.

c.Full Potential Approach: The basic philosophy of this approach is that the people are responsible to realize their full potential within the limits of morality. The choices have to be made such that it doesn’t affect the rights of others which make the choice ethical. With this approach, the decisions should be based on how the decision affects the ability of those involved to achieve their full potential.

  1. What is the engineering manager’s role in quality ethics?

It is easy to make an ethical decision but the execution part is tough. It is not easy to execute an ethical decision in an organization easily. Hence, the role of mangers become vital while making ethical decisions. Some of the key roles for a manager are: it is their responsibility to maintain ethical behavior, they are responsible to help employees to make ethical choice and also they are responsible to make sure employees follow and maintain ethical behavior after the right choice is made.

US bottled water sales could surpass soda by 2017

Water is a free source and the authorities concerning to the water supply should provide tap water which is fit for drinking. But going by the above article, people hardly drink the tap water instead go for bottled water. This shows the “poor quality” of water that is being supplied to houses. The first to reduce the use of bottled water is to provide potable water directly through taps.

The rise in demand for bottled water has a direct effect on the rise of plastic bottle to be manufactured. As everyone knows plastic is non biodegradable and a “hazard for the nature”.

On the flip side it is good that people will consume clean and healthy water which keeps them “healthy”.

Verizon Program connecting millions of old cars

This new venture by Verizon for the used cars is a good thing. The timely update of the condition of the car is such a key thing when the car turns old. There will be timely reminder of the exact condition of the car, if the service is due for the car, it alerts the owner which is great. This prevents the car braking down in the midst of a journey.

The best feature of this venture is the device connecting to the nearby mechanic when the car brakes down. This is again a good thing. If a person is travelling to a new place then this is a boon to such people. This makes an used car more “reliable” than earlier.

On the flip side, this device can be hacked. This makes the user of this device “unsafe”. So, if the device hacked there it can lead to crimes or things can be harmed for the owner and his family. If the GPS data is hacked or a wrong message about a service turns up, it potentially creates an atmosphere for a crime. So, technology also can be harmful.

Also, if hacked a person can always track your movements and keep on eye on the places you have been to. There will be no privacy for the user of this device.

NASA Crash Test

The above link talks about the crash test performed by NASA.

A crash test is a destructive test which is performed to define safety standards for a process. The environment created in a crash test is close to the intended environment under which the process takes place. This crash test always gives the “accurate” results which plays a vital role in designing safety standards.

The other thing is there is a possibility of finding new things during a crash test. Also, it gives a new idea to better the existing technology. This makes the process more “reliable”.