Executive summaries for social networking articles for midterm exam

  1. All-Electric Porsche Concept Includes Heads-Up Holograms:                                      This electric Porsche has a driving range of 500km for a single charge which is such a good thing. When electric cars are being manufactured by top automobile companies, the customers believe that the electric cars can match up with the cars that are run on conventional fuels in terms of power, style and design. Also these cars are incorporated with high end technology like the holographic display, a camera in the dashboard is used for eye tracking which shows the technical advancement in the electric cars. This can pull in more customers to buy electric cars from various manufacturers. This will have a positive effect on the conservation of non renewable fuels and also zero emission from such cars will have a positive effect on the environment which benefits the living beings on a whole.
  1. Solar Road in the Netherlands:                                                                                      This is such a great initiative by the consortium which was behind this pilot project of Solar road which involved using solar panels inducted into the road to tap the solar energy and convert it into electrical energy and use this for lighting the street lights and other lights along the road. If this is a success then it can benefit the mankind. There are many countries which are still banking on thermal power plant to provide electricity to many houses in their country. If this eco friendly way of producing power is a success then one can imagine the amount of electricity that can be generated in a single town. This technology can greatly benefit countries which receive intense sunlight throughout the year.
  1. Tesla Makes First Acquisition:                                                                                     Tesla was the first company which successfully launched an electric racing car and then subsequently launched a sedan class car also. These cars were really expensive for a common man to buy. The aim of Tesla is to manufacture cars which are affordable to a common man. This acquisition makes their aim all more realistic. This can significantly reduce the cost that they have to put in to get the plastic parts for the cars. Also this shows that the company is in good health in terms of cash flow. Also this acquisition shows that the company is making every effort to make their aim a reality. This can again be helpful to save the non renewable fuel and also environment friendly.

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