Gigafactory of Tesla in Germany?

If things go as planned, then soon Tesla will be setting up a second gigafactory in Germany, the house of many great automobile companies. This can help Tesla to commercialize the use of electric vehicles which was not given a  serious thought by big automobile companies until Tesla showed the intent. For such widespread use to EV, such Gigafactories have to be set up across many countries. This is a great step in a right direction which can save the environment from getting more polluted.


3 thoughts on “Gigafactory of Tesla in Germany?

  1. As the intention is not just for cars but also other renewable sources the project is very big and country like Germany will surely benefit out of this if implemented. The widespread requirement for EV will prove beneficial to many countries in which it is set up and also help towards quality improvement.


  2. The batteries that will be manufactured at Gigafactory will not be useful for automobiles but also it can provide a house to run on the battery or any small firm which can be powered. This shows the effectiveness of such batteries and also its usefulness to the mankind.


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