Disaster relief humanoids unveiled at Japan’s robot exhibition



This invention can help many people during natural disaster. This will be such a good invention if everything falls in place. The kind of harsh environment that prevails during a natural disaster makes it very tough for human beings to help each other. If this robot can take up big tasks then it can go a long way to help the entire mankind.


2 thoughts on “Disaster relief humanoids unveiled at Japan’s robot exhibition

  1. Japan is one of the countries effected most by natural disasters yet they remain to be one of the top manufacturers and rising countries in terms of technological advancements, this shows the talent of the country and their ability to atleast try to combat nature’s fury and not let it effect their growth,


  2. Yeah I agree that their hardwork and determination to be at the top have made them one of the most technically advanced countries. If you consider this robot, this innovation helps not just Japan but the entire mankind. These robots can be employed at any places which has been affected by a natural calamity or disaster.


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