In Greenland, another major glacier comes undone

This news just provides more ground to prove that the global warming is at an all time high level and if this continues like this then we can stare at more disasters. Atleast now human beings should realize that they have destroyed the nature to the maximum extent. They should now start conserving nature in every possible way.


4 thoughts on “In Greenland, another major glacier comes undone

  1. More than 7)% of planet Earth is covered with water leaving less space for Land, melting ice caps is going to add to area occupied by water leaving little space for terrestrial beings to survive, for this none other than humans are responsible for irresponsibly letting harmful effluents into the air without filtering, this has caused ozone layer depletion and further caused ice cap melting, Enough damage has already been caused an it is high time we realize and take action to preserve our Mother Nature and conserve it for our future generations


  2. Also if this global warming continues at the current rate, the Himalayas will completely melt, Antarctica will lose a lot of snow covering which releases more water into the ocean. The coastal cities gets drowned completely among them New York and Mumbai will be severely affected or completely drowned. So, this should serve as a wake up call.


  3. we have received many wake up calls but we have not been responding quick enough and are in fact causing more damage. This is a serious issue and has alarming effects on regulating sea level which further effects global temperatures. Increased Temperatures has many adverse effects on living beings and can also cause fatal health issues or even loss of species. Its like a chain of negative impacts which needs to be tackled by addressing the root cause of the issue


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