US Study Reveals the Best Plants For Green Roofs

This is an incredible way to increase the green covers in the urban jungles. It provides a way to cool the building from the top, also acts as good green space which provides fresh air to people when they venture out in the terrace of the building and there are some vegetables which can be grown at the terrace garden, organic manure can be used to grow them which gives more nutritive value than the vegetables grown using the chemical fertilizers.


3 thoughts on “US Study Reveals the Best Plants For Green Roofs

  1. we are all living in concrete jungles leaving no space for plants to grow, given the increasing rate of pollution we need to have more greenery around us to be able to counteract the negative effects of pollution, but since we have a space constraint and there is not much place to grow plants this innovative technique is very useful and can help combat atleast some percentage of the negative effects of pollutants and provide us with better environment to breathe and survie

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  2. Also people who are opting for green roofs should be careful of which all plants can grow out in the roof top without damaging the building. There are many such plants which can actually damage the building by growing their roots very deep. The selection of plants must be carefully done.


  3. an important point to be noticed here is that they are opting for self-sufficient plants, this is a low cost highly useful system and they were monitored to see if they fight severe conditions which shows that they have been carefully selected and also importance has been given to aesthetic appearance which makes this project een more intelligently done


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