Executive Summaries for Assignment 6

Executive Summaries

  1. US Study Reveals the Best Plants For Green Roofs:

This is an incredible way to increase the green covers in the urban jungles. It provides a way to cool the building from the top, also acts as good green space which provides fresh air to people when they venture out in the terrace of the building and there are some vegetables which can be grown at the terrace garden, organic manure can be used to grow them which gives more nutritive value than the vegetables grown using the chemical fertilizers.

Also people who are opting for green roofs should be careful of which all plants can grow out in the roof top without damaging the building. There are many such plants which can actually damage the building by growing their roots very deep. The selection of plants must be carefully done.

  1. In Greenland, another major glacier comes undone:

This news just provides more ground to prove that the global warming is at an all time high level and if this continues like this then we can stare at more disasters. Atleast now human beings should realize that they have destroyed the nature to the maximum extent. They should now start conserving nature in every possible way.

Also if this global warming continues at the current rate, the Himalayas will completely melt, Antarctica will lose a lot of snow covering which releases more water into the ocean. The coastal cities gets drowned completely among them New York and Mumbai will be severely affected or completely drowned. So, this should serve as a wake up call.

  1. Disaster relief humanoids unveiled at Japan’s robot exhibition:

This invention can help many people during natural disaster. This will be such a good invention if everything falls in place. The kind of harsh environment that prevails during a natural disaster makes it very tough for human beings to help each other. If this robot can take up big tasks then it can go a long way to help the entire mankind.

If you consider this robot, this innovation helps not just Japan but the entire mankind. These robots can be employed at any places which has been affected by a natural calamity or disaster.


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