Executive Summaries of all assignments

Executive Summary Assignment 1:

  1. US bottled water sales could surpass soda by 2017:                                                           This article shows the growing demand of clean water than the soda which shows the health awareness of the people. This also shows that the authorities who provide water may not provide the best purified water which makes people to opt for expensive (when compared to water provided at houses) bottled water.Another thing which goes against this article is the production of plastic which is hazardous for the nature. May it be soda bottles or water bottles, both contribute towards the plastic bottle production which contributes towards high plastic production.Overall, the bottled water consumption is good keeping in mind the health of the people but at the same time it is hazardous for the nature.
  2. Verizon Program connecting millions of old cars:This new venture by Verizon is a good thing as old cars also get access to such high end technology. At the press of a button you have all the required information of your car and also it can automatically call a nearby mechanic when the need arises. This device can the best device for an old car. On the flip side you have a potential danger of the device being hacked and also your location may be obtained if hacked.

    Overall, its human safety which is important and this device would be recommended by me to be installed in all cars which also comes at a economical price which is not a burden on the pocket. Also, the makers of this device would have made the device in such a way that it cant be hacked so easily.

  3. NASA Crash Test:Crash test involves actual testing of the Cessna plane for retrieving vital data which are very vital for NASA and to their future projects. This involves crashing of numerous planes, lot of jet fuel and other sensors which gets destroyed in each crash test. But keeping in mind the human safety which is of optimum importance, crash test is required even though it destroys so much resources. Overall, this crash test reveals huge volume of data necessary for successful project of NASA which is always helpful for mankind.

Executive Summary Assignment 2:

  1. All Aboard Energy-Efficient Rail Transportation:

It is an excellent idea to capture the continuous cycle of energy being generated at the rail transit. In an era where there are more cars on the road than there are trees mass transport is an answer to conserve as much energy as possible.

This idea of using up the spent energy by the train to run the systems in the station is an excellent idea. This makes sure the renewable energy sources are conserved for a longer time when the energy spent on one transport is being reused by other nearby appliances. This idea will make people attract towards mass transport and also save some renewable sources for a longer span of time which is vital.

  1. Intel Takes On Car Hacking, Founds Auto Security Review Board:

Intel already showed a ready example of how an automobile can be hacked and can be taken to control of the person who has hacked the system. This shows the dark side of the automating the system. Although Intel creates a review board to make the system hack free, there exists a fear in the mind of the people of being hacked. Also there is no guarantee that any software or automated systems of not being hacked. Also a virus if enters such complex systems then it can create a lot of problems for the user and lead to fatal accidents.

Overall I am not convinced with the idea of hack free software that can control the working of an automobile. This is not a fool proof system. Also cost involved for all these things will be quite high and not affordable for all the poople.

  1. Autonomous Driving Not a Question of Technology:

The autonomous driving has a lot of problems to become a reality in near future. Starting with the simplest issues of this is the cost, the autonomous cars will be expensive and many people will not be able to afford these high end cars with such hi-tech technology.

Then consider the ever dangerous hacking of such cars which may lead to accidents. Also autonomous driving makes the driver license invalid since people who do not know driving also may take the cars around and also the under age children who will take those cars around.

Also if there is a manual mode enabled when the autonomous systems fail then people with no driving knowledge sitting in the car cannot do anything. These are the most serious issued in such an environment.


Executive Summary Assignment 3:

  1. 4K Video Drives Up LPDDR4 Densities:                                                                        The Samsung high end technology will be very beneficial for the people in the long run. These days most people want everything on the go. The mobile apps are extensively used for almost everything. This necessitates the need for a high end phone with good battery back up and also high memory. This is precisely what Samsung are working hard to make it a reality.                                                                                                         Also if such high end technology are integrated into automobile then such sophisticated systems can avoid accidents, keep a track on the maintenance of the car which are again very helpful to people.
  1. Tesla rolls out autopilot mode on Model S:                                                                    The autopilot car unveiled by Tesla takes us into the future of cars. Automated cars are the future of car. But there is an exception. Although the autopilot cars drive on their own, there should be a person who knows driving who is at the wheels while on autopilot mode to maneuver any software technical error by the software which can lead to accidents.                                                                                                                       Also such high technology cars should be cost effective and affordable for common man in the future. The people concerned with this technology should go for cost effective way of manufacturing such cars.                                                                                               Also people should think about the issues related to insurance and other legal things if the car meets with an accident while on autopilot mode. This is very important. Without this these cars cannot hit the market in a big way. The concerned people should decide about who is legally responsible for such accidents. As this is a serious issue.
  1. Attaining functional safety:                                                                                              The certification agencies for who certify that a standard processes are used to manufacture a product with adequate safety features should be careful in analyzing the products. They must ensure the companies are more focused on the quality and safety practices while manufacturing a product.                                                                      Also these agencies must check how the products eradicate the predictable failures and also how they account for random failures of the product.Usually the backup procedures followed are important because those processes are not proper then it leads to huge damages.

Executive Summary Assignment 4:

  1. India launches first ISRO space laboratory:                                                                        India’s successful launch of ISRO space laboratory is headed in right direction. The successful launch of Mars Orbiter Mission showed the World that outer space can be explored with high end technologies at a reasonable cost. While the US spent millions of dollars on the similar kind of mission, ISRO spent 1/10th the amount what US had spent. This is a right move of science in outer space. Further studies of outer space can be conducted with proper use of technology and proper cost planning. This will give us valuable insight into the outer space where there are much to be discovered.
  2. Toyota Launches Hydrogen-Fueled Sedan:   This is a great move from Toyota to invest in hydrogen fueled sedan. Toyota is a world class automobile manufacturer. If this Sedan is a success then it leads to eco friendly cars which runs on hydrogen which is abundantly available This saves the non renewable sources of fuel to last long. Also this reduces pollution and carbon footprint which saves our environment. These vehicles wont emit the harmful gases like the cars run on conventional sources of fuel.If Toyota can come up with this kind of Sedan at an affordable price then the entire mankind and also all living beings will be benefited.
  3. Japanese manufacturers automate to meet growing demand for aircraft parts:                This is another good initiative by Japanese to automate the firms manufacturing the aircrafts. Usually, the manufacturing and assembling of aircraft parts take a long time because of high precision and accuracy and also parts being very bulky. Automating them will make the parts more accurate and productivity.                                               Air traffic is increasing at high rate every year. So, automating the manufacturing of aircraft parts will ensure more aircrafts are manufactured and more aircrafts are available for people to fly.                                                                                      Japanese are known to produce high quality products and also they always aim for total quality and the end product will attain 100% quality which ensures total safety for people in the aircraft.

Executive Summary Assignment for Midterm:

  1. All-Electric Porsche Concept Includes Heads-Up Holograms:                                      This electric Porsche has a driving range of 500km for a single charge which is such a good thing. When electric cars are being manufactured by top automobile companies, the customers believe that the electric cars can match up with the cars that are run on conventional fuels in terms of power, style and design. Also these cars are incorporated with high end technology like the holographic display, a camera in the dashboard is used for eye tracking which shows the technical advancement in the electric cars. This can pull in more customers to buy electric cars from various manufacturers. This will have a positive effect on the conservation of non renewable fuels and also zero emission from such cars will have a positive effect on the environment which benefits the living beings on a whole.
  1. Solar Road in the Netherlands:                                                                                      This is such a great initiative by the consortium which was behind this pilot project of Solar road which involved using solar panels inducted into the road to tap the solar energy and convert it into electrical energy and use this for lighting the street lights and other lights along the road. If this is a success then it can benefit the mankind. There are many countries which are still banking on thermal power plant to provide electricity to many houses in their country. If this eco friendly way of producing power is a success then one can imagine the amount of electricity that can be generated in a single town. This technology can greatly benefit countries which receive intense sunlight throughout the year.
  1. Tesla Makes First Acquisition:                                                                                     Tesla was the first company which successfully launched an electric racing car and then subsequently launched a sedan class car also. These cars were really expensive for a common man to buy. The aim of Tesla is to manufacture cars which are affordable to a common man. This acquisition makes their aim all more realistic. This can significantly reduce the cost that they have to put in to get the plastic parts for the cars. Also this shows that the company is in good health in terms of cash flow. Also this acquisition shows that the company is making every effort to make their aim a reality. This can again be helpful to save the non renewable fuel and also environment friendly.

Executive Summary Assignment 5:

  1. Gigafactory of Tesla in Germany?

If things go as planned, then soon Tesla will be setting up a second gigafactory in Germany, the house of many great automobile companies. This can help Tesla to commercialize the use of electric vehicles which was not given a serious thought by big automobile companies until Tesla showed the intent. For such widespread use to EV, such Gigafactories have to be set up across many countries. This is a great step in a right direction which can save the environment from getting more polluted. This can also inspire the giant automobile industries to bring out EV. Their brand name can drive this new sector to a new level and also contribute to save the environment to reduce the emission of harmful gases in terms of vehicles exhausts and save the fossil fuels for a longer time.

  1. Panasonic aims to make India a global manufacturing hub.

The target set by Panasonic is indeed very high which is $4.9 billion by March 2019. To achieve this target, India plays a vital role. If the man power, advanced technologies are harnessed properly then India can be a manufacturing hub exporting the goods to middle Eastern countries and also Africa. This can actually drive a new wave in terms of industries in India. There can be many leading companies which will follow the suit if Panasonic successfully reach their target. Large industries like Toyota, Volvo have their manufacturing units in India. If they too make proper investment to automate their entire firm then they can manufacture more units and earn even more profits.

  1. Toyota to establish $1 billion US based Robotics and R&D company.

This is a good news for the automobile industry. The big players of automobile industries are investing on robotics taking into account the immense future it holds for all manufacturing firms. This can make Toyota to manufacture better cars with zero defect. Also when talented individuals are give proper platform to prosper then surely they can deliver so many innovative things which are helpful for the organization. The plant is planned to come up in a location which is nearby to both MIT and Standford thereby Toyota can tap the best talents and invest on them for R&D in robotics which will surely be helpful for Toyota.

Executive Summary Assignment 6:

  1. US Study Reveals the Best Plants For Green Roofs:

This is an incredible way to increase the green covers in the urban jungles. It provides a way to cool the building from the top, also acts as good green space which provides fresh air to people when they venture out in the terrace of the building and there are some vegetables which can be grown at the terrace garden, organic manure can be used to grow them which gives more nutritive value than the vegetables grown using the chemical fertilizers.

Also people who are opting for green roofs should be careful of which all plants can grow out in the roof top without damaging the building. There are many such plants which can actually damage the building by growing their roots very deep. The selection of plants must be carefully done.

  1. In Greenland, another major glacier comes undone:

This news just provides more ground to prove that the global warming is at an all time high level and if this continues like this then we can stare at more disasters. Atleast now human beings should realize that they have destroyed the nature to the maximum extent. They should now start conserving nature in every possible way.

Also if this global warming continues at the current rate, the Himalayas will completely melt, Antarctica will lose a lot of snow covering which releases more water into the ocean. The coastal cities gets drowned completely among them New York and Mumbai will be severely affected or completely drowned. So, this should serve as a wake up call.

  1. Disaster relief humanoids unveiled at Japan’s robot exhibition:

This invention can help many people during natural disaster. This will be such a good invention if everything falls in place. The kind of harsh environment that prevails during a natural disaster makes it very tough for human beings to help each other. If this robot can take up big tasks then it can go a long way to help the entire mankind.

If you consider this robot, this innovation helps not just Japan but the entire mankind. These robots can be employed at any places which has been affected by a natural calamity or disaster.


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