Is Reshoring Dead?

This trend shows that many countries have enough infrastructure and resources to substitute a cheap labor manufacturing firms. Some of the eastern countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Malaysia have certainly eased companies of depending on China. India now has some of the biggest manufacturing units with great infrastructure and state of the art facilities to manufacture goods with six sigma quality.


5 thoughts on “Is Reshoring Dead?

  1. The reports of AT Kearny consultant may not be considered as the only standard for measuring the index , US being one of the most competitive and biggest nations even in the manufacturing industry. However as stated in the previous articles on account of lack of data security or for the fact that the presidential elections are around the corner there has been minor set backs on the manufacturing industries which needs to be attended to.


  2. Just imagine when a nation gets the goods manufactured from different countries, makes no intent to get a production plant out here in the US. This reduces the number of skilled labors available in the US. Suddenly when many firms feel outsourcing the manufacturing processes are less cost effective, how can the sudden increase for skilled laborers can be met ?


  3. I completely accede as the process of training labor would result in a lot of investment of time and money.However,the time and financial resources spend on training the labor can be used for implementation of new ideas which would lead to it’s growth.


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