Manufacturing Trends to Watch in 2016

If we read this article, this year will be very exciting and challenging for the company heads and also the experienced techies. The kind of new technologies that will engulf in the coming years will make people to embrace new techniques. The 3d printing technology, sophisticated cyber networks which prevents the data being hacked, Internet of Things are some of the technologies which most people are looking forward to.

Also the US presidential elections slated at the end of the year may not bear any impact technologically this year.


5 thoughts on “Manufacturing Trends to Watch in 2016

  1. As the Presidential elections are around the corner this year it is very important for the US to focus even more on the manufacturing industry. The article depicts the rising trends in manufacturing and thereby we must also note the fact that these rising trends also call the need for data security and management of data which needs to be established by educated professionals. My prediction for these manufacturing trends would be to continue the existing manufacturing processes in a sustainable and eco friendly demeanor which will be beneficial to the existing corporation as well as provide a balanced environment for planet earth.


  2. I feel the technology keeps on advancing and one should always update the technology so that it is always beneficial for them, Some of the new technology such as 3D printing technology takes the manufacturing industries to a new level altogether. Also, better the technology, the flip side will be the hackers also will be upgrading their skills and find new ways to hack a system. So, the cyber security plays an important role here.


  3. True that Cyber Security has a vital role to play in DBMS. This is especially important for the manufacturing firms pertaining to defense and military. The advancements in technology is a continual process but it is equally important to ensure that this progress takes place in a way that it does not cause any harm to the environment.


  4. technology definitely keeps on advancing and one must be up to date with the advancements, the presidential elections can hamper the manufacturing processes, as the concerned authorities may be busy in the election process and this may cause a set back to the manufacturing industries. The 3D printing process one of the latest trends and can have possible uses for many people for example in the field or architecture etc many students and industrialists benefit from these trends.


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