More Manufacturing Cyber Attacks in The Year Ahead

This was always on the cards, greater the advancement in technology greater is the opportunity for hackers to hack the systems.

There are many industries where they do not know the value of a very good network built with good security. These people in order to cut down the spending, opt for a network with lesser security which is available at a lower price and pay a much heavier price when the network is hacked. So, people show think about the long term future and spend a little more on secured networks.


5 thoughts on “More Manufacturing Cyber Attacks in The Year Ahead

  1. The article reflects the need for data security which in turn is very essential to safe guard the running systems and manufacturing industries. It is natural that technological advancements are both useful as well as threat based on the user, and to avoid the technology usage from falling in the wrong hands it is necessary to work even harder and develop hack-free systems which provide for uninterrupted running of existing technologies.


  2. It is also essential for many users of the technology to have some minimal knowledge about the ways a technology or a network that can be hacked by the hackers. People should be aware of the common ways that the hackers use and try to extract information from people who do not know how the hackers go about their business.


  3. Secured Networks are essential not just in the manufacturing fields but even in general. Internet is a web of knowledge as well as a place which provides easy access to deploy crime activities and increased requirement for cyber security is very needed and requires skilled professional to carry this forward.


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