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Executive Summaries for Assignment 0

  1. More Manufacturing Cyber Attacks in The Year Ahead:

This was always on the cards, greater the advancement in technology greater is the opportunity for hackers to hack the systems. There are many industries where they do not know the value of a very good network built with good security. These people in order to cut down the spending, opt for a network with lesser security which is available at a lower price and pay a much heavier price when the network is hacked. So, people show think about the long term future and spend a little more on secured networks.                               It is also essential for many users of the technology to have some minimal knowledge about the ways a technology or a network that can be hacked by the hackers. People should be aware of the common ways that the hackers use and try to extract information from people who do not know how the hackers go about their business.


  1. Is Reshoring Dead?

This trend shows that many countries have enough infrastructure and resources to substitute a cheap labor manufacturing firms. Some of the eastern countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Malaysia have certainly eased companies of depending on China. India now has some of the biggest manufacturing units with great infrastructure and state of the art facilities to manufacture goods with six sigma quality.                             Just imagine when a nation gets the goods manufactured from different countries, makes no intent to get a production plant out here in the US. This reduces the number of skilled labors available in the US. Suddenly when many firms feel outsourcing the manufacturing processes are less cost effective, how can the sudden increase for skilled laborers can be met?


  1. Manufacturing Trends to Watch in 2016:

If we read this article, this year will be very exciting and challenging for the company heads and also the experienced techies. The kind of new technologies that will engulf in the coming years will make people to embrace new techniques. The 3d printing technology, sophisticated cyber networks which prevents the data being hacked, Internet of Things are some of the technologies which most people are looking forward to.             I feel the technology keeps on advancing and one should always update the technology so that it is always beneficial for them. Some of the new technology such as 3D printing technology takes the manufacturing industries to a new level altogether. Also, better the technology, the flip side will be the hackers also will be upgrading their skills and find new ways to hack a system. So, the cyber security plays an important role here.

My PLM / Digital Design & Manufacturing

Prashanth Bangaloremuralidhar


eLearning Pack ID: IE655-Spring 2016-36-06


Our Collaborations:



Some of our shop floors are fit in with high cameras to capture the images of the components that are being manufactured at various stages to identify the defects clearly and also the specialized CCTV cameras are maintained for the safety of the employees and also as a part of overall surveillance to prevent untoward incidents within the premises. Also the premises uses other Canon products such as the printers, scanners and other office consumables.

Niagara Cutters:


The cutters that are used in our company is provided by Niagara cutters. The milling and drilling operations are performed by Niagara cutters. They are perhaps one of the best cutters available and it has been very useful for our company.




Leoni provides industrial solutions for many top companies and we are one of those companies who have benefitted using their solutions. Some of the most helpful solutions provided by them are the defect detection and cable chain drag systems.



Our company uses the innovative clamping technology provided by Schmalz for our CNC machines. This is one of the innovative solution and it has enhanced our machining time in CNC machines.



Our company is one of the highly exclusive band of engineering companies that builds its own CNC-SPMs, allowing its customers to benefit from a dual advantage – cost-effectiveness and enhanced machining capabilities. Its vast machine pool and an expert engineering team with the highest level of technical and professional competence produce products that are complex and meet the high quality standard of its customers. Its product portfolio encompasses components ranging from 15 gms – 12 kgs such as to crank shaft assemblies, Rocker arms, Gear shifter forks, Common Rail, Connecting rods, etc. Some of the components that have been manufactured in our firm are connecting rod, rocker arms and crankshafts.

Our Mission is to contribute towards Green and Sustainable Environment. We do our bit towards this by having constructed a Green buildings in our premises. The corporate office, engineering division are platinum rated buildings. We have solar water heater installed in all the buildings along with a huge water treatment plant built to treat the water which is polluted from our machining processes. Also there is a scrap yard to make sure the rejected components are either reworked or given a new shape so that the metals are not wasted.

Strategic Plan – with a CE/PLM with a lean, green sustainable practices:

The Company’s strategic plans in order to achieve 100% quality in our components with a strong focus on lean, green and sustainable focus are:

The focus on customer is very important as that drives our business. In order to achieve this 100% customer satisfaction is very important and we reach out to our customers to know their requirements and give them the best possible product with a zeal to excel their requirements. We also maintain a long term commitment with our customers which makes us to reach out to new customers and retaining our regular customers.

Our company is quality obsessed and we always meet or exceed the customer satisfaction. This means at all levels there is a constant urge to improve on quality. We use lean six sigma and best industrial practices in order to achieve this.

We use scientific approach in order to make decisions, solving problems and also structuring the work which shows that we use hard data to establish benchmarks, monitor the performance and making the improvements.

We constantly thrive in continually improving our products and the improvement takes place at all departments and across all personnel. We educate and train our staff quite often which ensures we continually improve in all our processes.

We encourage our employees and empower them to bring out their solutions for problems faced in the company. This ensures more brains bring out many ideas and there are many innovative ideas are brought to the fore. This gives the employees the freedom to express their concerns and also the solution to many such issues.

This freedom feeds of a team culture in our organization which encourages teamwork and unites all employees. This is a very vital aspect of our organization.


Budget For Next Year:

Building $5,000,000
Infrastructure required for Production $2,000,000
Raw Materials $3,300,000
Advertisement and Marketing $800,000
Transportation $1,600,000
Office Supplies $200,000
Salaries to employees $2,500,000


Important Metrics that are tracked:

Each and every metric gives important information for any organization. There are certain metrics which are very important and shows the health of the organization instantly. Some of the important metrics in our organization are:

Inventory Turn over                                                                                                       Inventory Days                                                                                                                     Accounts Receivable Turnover                                                                                             Time to Market                                                                                                                       Average development cost per product                                                                               Sales Revenue                                                                                                                     Dollars spent on advertisement                                                                                           Track customer complaints                                                                                               Manufacturing cycle time                                                                                                   Number of rejections                                                                                                       Number of reworked components                                                                                   Percentage of equipment down time                                                                                     Return on Sales                                                                                                                       Return on Assets


Management Objective with A CE/PLM and Green focus:

Employee empowerment:                                                                                                          An employee is given the responsibility of a particular process. Anything that happens in that particular process, the empowered employee or the employee who is responsible is the one who is held responsible for the happenings. This responsibility or ownership of the process brings in urgency and also tendency to continually improve processes, products and services to strive for customer delight. This is nothing but empowering the employee with the responsibility of the entire process and also the signature of the employee for clearing that process brings in that empowerment. This makes the employee as much responsible and care about their work much as CEO of the organization.

Team Culture:                                                                                                                  Building a team creates more opportunities for team members to work in cooperation with each other, share the work among the team, builds trust among the members, promotes better communication skills, multiplies the potential of individual members, creates a healthy challenge within the team, it promotes mutual support for the team members and also allows participation of each individual.

Rewards for employees:                                                                                                            An organization’s attempts to institutionalize teamwork fails unless it includes implementation of an appropriate compensation system. Employees are still compensated as individuals. The most successful compensation systems combine both individual and team pay.

Process approach:                                                                                                                          Recognize that things accomplished are the results of processes and that processes along with related activities and resources must be managed.

System approach to management:                                                                                               The multiple interrelated processes that contribute to the organization’s effectiveness are a system and should be managed as a system.

Continual improvement:                                                                                                              It should be a permanent objective applied to the organization and to its people, processes, systems and products.

Factual approach to decision making:                                                                                  Decisions must be based on the analysis of accurate, relevant and reliable data and information.

Mutually beneficial supplier relationships:                                                                          Both the organization and the supplier benefiting from the others resources and knowledge results in value for all.


Key Processes:

The name of our company suggests the kind of products we specialize in and we are one of the leading manufacturers of the Auto parts in the entire automobile industry.

We have an enthusiastic and smart working Sales team with the zeal to succeed at the highest level. We use innovative methods to sell our product using new marketing techniques. To get recognized globally we have developed a very sophisticated website which has a user friendly interface to make sure all the information that are required to our prospective customers are readily available to them instantly.

The organization has state of the art facilities and the latest techniques for producing components of highest quality. We strive for 100% quality using latest robotic technologies used in the industry and also very good quality chain supply system provided by Leoni. Also the quality department ensures we reach our motto of 100% quality.

We serve our customers to the very best. We look after needs of the customers and give the best in order to get the products according to their requirement. We constantly try to improve and offer better facilities and often exceed the expectations of our customers.

In order to satisfy our customers we adhere to the ISO 9001:2015 and will be update it to the next ISO version once the newer version is out. There are modern machining facilities used in the organization to get the product with highest quality and in a quick time. This ensures we follow Six Sigma, Jidoka, Lean and Sustainable green practice in our organization.

Our premises is totally energy efficient, the power supply to the lighting of the organization is through the solar chargers that has been installed throughout the industry and it also heats the water lines in the organization. Apart from the manufacturing plants, the design block and administrative block are green building with platinum rating. There is a water treatment plant which recycles the water used in the production line and used for the domestic purposes inside the organization. This reduces the carbon footprint and also eliminates the possibility of water contamination. The hot air coming out from the chimneys are treated to remove harmful gases and also chimneys are quite to let the air high in the atmosphere so that it reduces the air pollution.


Sustainable Green Focus:

WEGA Auto Parts Private Limited have a strong focus to ensure the organization keeps the environment healthy for all the living beings. To ensure this, the organization does not allow the contaminated water to join the major water bodies. Instead the contaminated water is recycled in the water recycle unit which is inside the premises and use this water for all domestic purposes. Also we have large rain water harvesting tanks which collect the water that flows out in the drain pipes during rain and filter it out and lets it into the ground water. This ensures the water table stays healthy nearby the organization campus. Also, the campus has lot of solar chargers which ensures the power provided for the lighting circuits is entirely through the power generated by the solar panels. Also, the air emitted from the chimneys are treated and eliminated of harmful gases before letting it into atmosphere at a relatively high altitude. The other metallic wastes and e-wastes are treated within the organization and segregated properly so that it does not pollute the environment. Also, we try to reduce the industrial wastes and specifically the electronic gadgets which are no longer useful for the organization are offered at free of cost to the employees so that there are no unnecessary e-waste generated.                                                    


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