Executive Summaries for Assignment 0

  1. More Manufacturing Cyber Attacks in The Year Ahead:

This was always on the cards, greater the advancement in technology greater is the opportunity for hackers to hack the systems. There are many industries where they do not know the value of a very good network built with good security. These people in order to cut down the spending, opt for a network with lesser security which is available at a lower price and pay a much heavier price when the network is hacked. So, people show think about the long term future and spend a little more on secured networks.                               It is also essential for many users of the technology to have some minimal knowledge about the ways a technology or a network that can be hacked by the hackers. People should be aware of the common ways that the hackers use and try to extract information from people who do not know how the hackers go about their business.


  1. Is Reshoring Dead?

This trend shows that many countries have enough infrastructure and resources to substitute a cheap labor manufacturing firms. Some of the eastern countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Malaysia have certainly eased companies of depending on China. India now has some of the biggest manufacturing units with great infrastructure and state of the art facilities to manufacture goods with six sigma quality.                             Just imagine when a nation gets the goods manufactured from different countries, makes no intent to get a production plant out here in the US. This reduces the number of skilled labors available in the US. Suddenly when many firms feel outsourcing the manufacturing processes are less cost effective, how can the sudden increase for skilled laborers can be met?


  1. Manufacturing Trends to Watch in 2016:

If we read this article, this year will be very exciting and challenging for the company heads and also the experienced techies. The kind of new technologies that will engulf in the coming years will make people to embrace new techniques. The 3d printing technology, sophisticated cyber networks which prevents the data being hacked, Internet of Things are some of the technologies which most people are looking forward to.             I feel the technology keeps on advancing and one should always update the technology so that it is always beneficial for them. Some of the new technology such as 3D printing technology takes the manufacturing industries to a new level altogether. Also, better the technology, the flip side will be the hackers also will be upgrading their skills and find new ways to hack a system. So, the cyber security plays an important role here.


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